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Welcome to TAG TEAM Toledo


“We treat every home and it’s contents….

As if it were our own!”

Why TAG TEAM?                  

Life changes, and sometimes it’s overwhelming…

We know the thought of emptying an estate, or closing a home you have been in for a long period of time can be daunting, and emotional.

TAG TEAM can help by walking you through the process, making it painless and even a positive experience.  We treat every home, and it’s contents, as if it were our own.

We come to you with 20+ years experience in the antique and resale business. We are a well known established, and reputable liquidation business…proudly serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan for over 15 years.

TAG TEAM can handle it all – we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to sell every form of personal property. We know how to determine the cash value of all manner of items, how to sell them, and who would be in the market for them.

We have long term relationships with collectors, dealers, decorators and designers… plus an amazing and loyal customer following. We have well over 4000 on our email list.  From the ordinary to the unique and unusual, we can sell it for you.

We sell anything and everything in our estate sales, so do not throw anything away. Something you may think is trash could have value. TAG TEAM can determine what is salable. We sell ALL contents of the home from high end furnishings and antiques, as well as the everyday pots and pans,etc…

We are there for you and promise to get top dollar results for you.