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A Successful Sale

Steps For Having A Successful Sale

  • Contact Tag Team
  • Free of charge Tag Team will meet at the home where the sales to be held. We will consult with you and go over all your options to determine what service best fits your needs.
  •  We go over the specifics and process of scheduling and coordinating a sale. (types of sale, length of sale, identify items to be sold)
  • Once a contract is signed and personal items are secured Tag Team will take over…
  1. We organize, clean and attractively display all items. (we bring all necessary supplies)
  2. We research and price all sale items in order to get you the highest price.
  3. All personal items found will be set aside for the family to sort.
  4. Advertise in local papers, Tag Team website and also email to over 5000 people. We provide outdoor directional signage on days of the sale to bring additional customers.
  5. Run a professional, well supervised sale for agreed upon number of days.
  6. Carefully limiting # of customers in home at any given time.
  7. Clean up after sale is over, as agreed upon,whether this is just a vacuum and wipe down or arranging charitable donations of left over and total clean out.

* No cash up front. Commission comes out of proceeds of sale which is determined during free evaluation.